We are pleased to announce that Solar Liberty will be working with the Solar Chautauqua campaign as our official installer! They will be offering discounted base prices for residential, farm and small business participants.  Solar Chautauqua participants will be able to save approximately $1,750 on a standard solar installation. Check out our Events page for more information on when you can meet and hear from Solar Liberty representatives.


Solar Liberty - The Future of Energy Independence

Solar Liberty is a local, family-owned and operated turnkey solar installer.  We handle all aspects of the installation process from concept and engineering to permitting and incentives. Over Solar Liberty’s 15 years of operation, our sole focus has been solar energy for the benefit of government, nonprofit, commercial and residential customers. NYSERDA and the U.S. Department of Energy awarded Solar Liberty with the Outstanding Achievement Award for being the Largest Solar Electric Installer in New York State.

We currently have over 60 installations in Chautauqua County alone, including the Chautauqua Institution, Jamestown Audubon Society, and a 2 Megawatt project on the Cummins Engine plant in Lakewood. The entire Solar Liberty team is committed to promoting energy independence through the widespread installation of grid-tied PV solar energy systems. We look forward to helping Chautauqua County’s residents go solar with unparalleled service and below-market pricing.


Information on Financing and Incentives

There are two options for system ownership:  direct ownership or third-party ownership.

Direct ownership

Customer purchases system (upfront cost, with options for financing)

Customer receives full value of energy

Third-party ownership (lease or PPA)

  • Lease

No upfront cost

Third party installer owns system and collects incentives

Customer make a flat monthly payment to system owner

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

No upfront cost

Third party installer owns system and collects incentives

Customer pays system owner on a per-kWh basis

Here is a summary of relevant tax credits, cash incentives, and NY-Sun loan options:

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

  • Type: Tax credit
  • Eligibility: For-profit organizations, homeowners
  • Value: 30% of installation

NYS Residential Solar Tax Credit

  • Type: Tax credit
  • Eligibility: Homeowners (up to 25 kW), Condo associations or cooperatives (up to 50 kW)
  • Value: 25% of system cost, up to $5,000

NY-Sun Incentive Program (mW Block)

  • Type: Cash incentive
  • Eligibility: Three sectors:

Residential (up to 25 kW)

Small non-residential (up to 200 kW)

Large non-residential (> 200 kW)

  • Price varies by region:

NYC and South Westchester (Con Edison)

Long Island

Upstate (“rest-of-state” or ROS)

  • Value: Determined by declining mW blocks

Affordable Solar (NY-Sun incentive for low-income residents)

  • Type: Cash incentive
  • Eligibility: Household income < 80% AMI or < 80% SMI
  • Requires additional efficiency upgrades
  • Projects must satisfy cost savings requirements
  • No price escalators allowed for third party-owned projects

Green Jobs – Green New York Loans (NY-Sun incentive)

  • Type: Low-interest (3.49%) 5, 10, or 15 year loans
  • Three kinds:

On-bill recovery loans

Residential smart energy loans

Small commercial participation loans

  • Eligibility: Residential buildings with four or fewer dwelling units; commercial buildings used by small businesses or not-for-profit organizations

For complete information on the NY-Sun Incentive Program, which includes incentives for residents, small businesses, commercial and industrial businesses, plus information on financing options, see http://ny-sun.ny.gov/Get-Solar/NY-Sun-Incentive-Program-Overview .