We’d like to introduce our Solar Ambassadors!  These members of our community have already gone solar, and they’re encouraging you to join them.  We’ll be posting their stories here, and you can meet them in person at our informational sessions (see our Events page).   There will also be opportunities to tour their solar installations so that you can see the PV panels and inverter boxes, ask questions about the equipment and process, and learn how solar energy is working for them.



The summer solstice is often a time of peak production for solar because of our optimal angle to the sun.  We asked some of our Solar Ambassadors to report on their production during a three day window around the solstice, June 22, and here are their data.  By dividing their total production (in kWh) by their installed capacity (in kW), we get their production per kW installed.  At all locations, this was roughly 17-18 kWh/kW.  Nationally, electricity production results in about 1.22 pounds of CO2 emissions per kWh; regionally, we average about 0.409 pounds (due to a greater reliance on hydroelectric and nuclear in our region).  So those last two columns give you a sense of how much CO2 wasn’t emitted due to production by these installations!