Shared solar, sometimes called community solar or Community Distributed Grid (CDG), has recently become available in NY State.  The idea is simple: consumers who want to benefit from solar power but can’t install panels on their homes or businesses can share in the power generated from an array of panels installed in a suitable location elsewhere in the community.  Every shared solar array requires a program sponsor that shepherds the project.  The program sponsor can be a company that installs solar, or an institution such as a municipality, county, university, or other stable organization.  The array can be erected on land owned by the sponsor or leased from a different landowner.  Individual consumers can contract for a given number of KWH a year, paying up front, or can pay as they go—that is, per KWH used.  Experts say a customer can expect to save 10-20% over his or her current electric bill.

If you are interested in shared solar, please enroll here on our site.

If you are a landowner interested in hosting a shared solar site, this NYSERDA document has important information.

Download (PDF, 146KB)