This page has links to additional information on a variety of topics related to solar energy, renewable energy, sustainable and climate smart communities, and the science of climate change.

  • Borrow a Kill-a-Watt electricity meter from your local library  These wattage meters measure how much electricity a device uses.  You can test a few devices, or do a whole house energy audit.  This will help you identify effective ways to cut back on electricity consumption.  Meters are available from the Barker Library in Fredonia and from the Dunkirk Free Library.  This is a link to the CCRCC website where you can learn more about these meters and how to use them.
  • Questions to Ask a Solar Energy Salesperson  This is a link to a pdf document from New York Solar Energy Society.
  • Learn About Solar  This is a link to  NY-Sun’s “Learn About Solar” page, with information on solar technology, financing, myths, and terminology.
  • NYS Multifamily Solar Guide  This is a link to a pdf version of a guide developed to provide assistance with installing solar panels on multifamily residences (apartment buildings).  From the introduction, it is “a resource for residents, board members, property managers, and other multifamily building stakeholders who are interested in pursuing solar PV so they can understand the benefits of solar, what is required to install solar, and the steps for moving forward.”
  • Wind, Sun, and Fire, by Paul Krugman   This New York Times op-ed discusses the quick growth of the renewable energy sector.
  • Onandaga County to get 10% of power from 31,000 solar panels, by Tim Knauss  This article describes the construction of massive sun farms and rooftop installations in Onandaga County, New York.
  • Governor’s $5 Billion Clean Energy Fund, January 21, 2016  This press release from Governor Cuomo’s office describes an unprecedented investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other clean tech industries to spur economic development and reduce harmful emissions.
  • CCRCC’s Knowledge Portal and Action Portal  These portals contain accessible information on climate science and climate action.